About Us

19 years of experience

AJ Mobiliário was founded in 2001 by Mr. José da Silva. Initially it did not have this name and as it was passed by several members of the family it grew and changed its name. In 2016, the managing partners, Jorge Silva and Adelino Silva nominate the company AJ Mobiliário and remained so until today. It is currently a company with 6 employees and has a person dedicated to the commercial area, Rafael Silva.

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Our Mission

Our mission is the satisfaction of our customers with the purchased product, be it in design or in its quality. Each project is viewed in a personalized way in order to create solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Our Vision

With 19 years in the market, we seek to offer differentiated products and solutions in furniture and carpentry, for those looking for modern and cozy environments, with high quality and innovative design.

where are we

Our Facilities

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Initially, AJ Mobiliário was a small company with little capacity since the work was done all by hand. Over the years the volume of work has grown as well as the facilities.

Currently, AJ Mobiliário has acquired top machinery to produce more quickly and with quality. The facilities have also grown both in space and in conditions to carry out our work in an organized manner. We already have plans to expand the company’s facilities, acquire more tools and new employees to respond to the growing volume of work.

Photo by Luther Bottrill
Photo by Blaz Erzetic

What started out as a business limited to customers located nearby, is now a company that works for the whole country and abroad.

We are present in the French and Swiss markets. And we’ve already done some significant work for other countries. We are always available for new opportunities and business.

Our customers are mainly private customers, but also architects and contractors. In the near future, we aim to increase our partnerships with companies and professionals related to the furniture industry.

Thinking about the future

Our Goals